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Hello, and welcome to our eleventh Monero Missive! Major Updates 1. We know everyone is quite keen to play around with the GUI. We are still doing a great deal of underlying work, but we wanted to get the interface out there monero kursas everyone to have a play and see how they like it.

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There are some bugs for example, resizing the MiniWindow interface does not workand there are some spelling errors that we'll fix as we pull everything out for Qt Linguist to handle translation.

But if you're happy to play monero kursas then please grab a binary - we'll take feedback in the form of github issues as soon as we've finalised the initial release of the interface and have it up there.

You can download the interface binary for Windows or Mac.

monero kursas

We'll also push a Linux build out in the next day or two once it is confirmed as all working! If you are a Redditor and you aren't monero kursas, now would be a very excellent time to do so! And whilst you're sorting out your monero kursas media, why not make a turn at our Apžvelgia prekybos mokyklą laboratorijoje Page and click the "Like" button, and then swing past our Twitter and make sure you're following us: 3.

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We are always quite hesitant when it comes to discussing donations, but they have been quite thin, which does make our job that much more difficult. With our increased download and testing equipment costs, we are spread quite thin.

Kriptovaliutų investavimo kursai. Todėl į valiutas iš sąrašo įmečiau apčiuopiamą pinigų sumą.

But fear not, within the next week monero kursas monero kursas we are going to have a way you can donate to the ongoing development of Monero whilst still getting something directly. In the monero kursas, please do not forget that the donation addresses are in the OP, and that it is your ongoing support that is helping us plough ahead with development! In case you haven't watched the Monero-Dev Fireside Chat, we'd like to take a moment to discuss an upcoming terminology change.

Jos galima gauti tiesiog naudojant savo kompiuterio resursus atliekant įvairius skaičiavimus, bei tvirtinant įvykusias valiutos transakcijas.

To take it from the github issue that has been at the centre of the discussion: It's been suggested that monero kursas is a poor description for laymen, and may hinder adoption.

It's also arguably sexist - men have wallets, women have purses, and whilst "moneybag" is genderless it's probably the wrong term; Whilst Monero is quite far from a point where monero kursas terminology becomes an issue, it's the sort of change that we can make sooner rather than later. The term we're going to be moving to is "account".

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We are aware that some may think that this implies centralisation, but there are key advantages to making this switch, especially as it pertains to new users monero kursas familiar monero kursas cryptocurrencies: - It fits in with the whole "be your own bank" motion, which is a good way to explain cryptocurrency in general to people - The idea of separation of accounts is already familiar to people - a married couple may have a joint account, a company will have an account or accountsa savings account would be separate, and so on - People are familiar and happy with paying a fee for moving funds between accounts, so it won't be foreign to them - It's the most familiar path for the general public.

They understand creating an monero kursas, using a strong password, password recovery, etc. It's a natural transition for them. We expect to make this change sometime in the next month or so when we have our next tagged release. He is paying 0. Atrides, the admin of DwarfPool, released an open-source Monero stratum proxy.

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This allows multiple mining machines inside of a network to all monero kursas to the proxy server, so that only a single connection to the Internet is made. More info is at his thread, and the code is on his github repo.

Dev Diary Core: we are going to be adding a development branch to the main repo so that vaguely working code can be merged there and rebased by all contributors monero kursas. Right now the multiple branches are becoming messy for rebasing.

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Ongoing testing of this branch is heavily encouraged, monero kursas opening github issues for issues that actually monero kursas will monero kursas rewarded with 1x our eternal gratitude limited to 10 per user. However, we will be pushing this which includes the Windows service and daemonize changes, as well as the rpcwallet change into the development branch on Monday.

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Once it's up, please test it, especially on Windows monero kursas, so we can start stripping out the VS monero kursas. Wallet: mikezackles is heavily refactoring the wallet code to be more legible, and more in line with our standards and expectations.

Core: QoS will need to be rebased by rfree once the mingw branch is pushed to the development branch.

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Subsequent to rebasing, it will also be merged in to development, so barring any breaking issues it should be available for general testing within the next week. Dalgys,pasakė: Dealeri monero kursas kokia pinigine pats naudoji?

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